Focus on Africa


On examining the situation of women in Africa one thing becomes clear: It's not just AIDS and FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) that mark the women of this continent. We see impressive women, who contribute to social alternatives with strength and courage, without possessing any sort of formal power. They show that women, no matter if illiterate or academics, no matter which religion they may belong to, have the strength and capacity, to assert themselves as protectors of society even against the most cruel war criminals and exploitative and corrupt systems.



“AIDS - the Woman's Story“ shows how women survive AIDS for decades and how fighting against the disease may even lead to more empowerment for women. In „Fighting the Silence“ raped women, victims of the Congolese war and outcasts of society, finally get themselves taken into account. “L’excision – un thème pour tout le monde – FGM – a view from Burkina Faso” demonstrates, in the presence of film director Johanna Richter, how “Ciné Débats“ – discussions about films in the remotest areas of Burkina Faso – help to change this tradition. In “Taking Root“ the later Peace Nobel Prize winner Wangari Maathai fights together with her supporters to save the Kenyan forest – leading in the end to the fall of the dictatorship. In “Zanzibar Soccer Queens“ the players of the “Woman Fighters“ football club liberate themselves from more than the Islamic dress code. “Rough Aunties“ shows five fearless women, who help abused children with the“Bobbi Bear“ organisation. “Bobbi Bear“ founder Jackie Branfield will be present for conversations with the audience.


Special Activities

During the festival there will be an exhibition in the city hall of Tübingen about the engagement in Africa against FGM. On the 25th November, the International Day “NO against violence to women“, Johanna Richter will be there to report about an initiative against FGM in Burkina Faso and there will be a guided exhibition tour led by an expert. A concert of African world music fusion with Kora, guitar, clarinet, bassoon, percussion and vocals will complement the focus and invite the audience to experience African culture in a sensory way beyond the images from the films.

The “Focus on Africa“ is supported by the Initiative “Aktion Afrika“ of the German Federal Foreign Office, due to a decision of the German Parliament “Bundestag”.