Feature films


by Marian Quinn
Irland/Germany 2007, 89 min., feature film, 35mm, colour, OV, German Subtitles

No longer a child, not yet a woman: Maeve is thirteen, with all the problems you could have at this age. She is fascinated by growing up, boys, and most of all, bras and breasts. Her world revolves around her three friends, Ruth, Claire and Orla. But when she meets the local heartbreaker, she lets her friends down when they need her the most. With school and family problems increasing, Maeve learns what’s important in life.
IFTA Award Ireland


Cinco días sin Nora – Nora’s Will
by Mariana Chenillo
Mexico 2009, 92 min., feature film, 35mm, colour, OV, German subtitles

Nora and Jose have been divorced for 20 years, but they live across the street from each other in Mexico City. When Nora commits suicide, Jose finds her and her last will. Before her death, Nora devised a Machiavellian plan: Jose must organise her funeral! But she overlooked one thing: a mysterious photograph left under the bed will afflict him profoundly...
Black humor at its finest.
Twelve international awards.


Die Fremde
by Feo Aladag
Germany 2010, 110 min., feature film, 35 mm, colour, OV, German subtitles

Umay escapes from a disastrous marriage in Turkey. With her son Cem, she returns to her parent’s home in Germany and tries to start a new life. However, her family wants her to go back to her husband and restore their honour. Umay fights for her independence, but she doesn't want to lose the ones she loves. She doesn’t realize that it’s already too late...
Awards Berlinale, Tribeca, a.o.
Director present.


Entre nos – Between Us
by Gloria La Morte and Paola Mendoza
USA 2009, 80 min., feature film, video, colour, OV, English subtitles

Mariana and her two children move from Columbia to New York to join her husband. But soon, Antonio announces he has found work in Miami and will go there... alone. Days go by and Mariana has to recognize: he has left his family alone in a strange country. She has to find a way for her little family to survive... Lead actress Paola Mendoza has made this movie out of her mother's life story.
Four awards, Tribeca a.o.
In cooperation with the


La Yuma
by Florence Jaugey
Nicaragua/France/Mexico/Spain 2010, 90 min., feature film, 35mm, colour, OV, German subtitles

Yuma, a rebellious young woman from a poor and crime-ridden neighborhood of Managua, dreams of becoming a professional boxer. But circumstances make it difficult. Yuma has to prove that she is also a fighter outside of the boxing ring. And then there is this nice student, Ernesto, whom she has helped out in a pinch and is starting to find really attractive...


Na putu – Zwischen uns das Paradies
by Jasmila Zbanic
Bosnia-Herzegovina/Austria/Croatia/Germany 2010, 100 min., feature film, 35mm, colour, OV with German subtitles

Sarajevo 2009: Luna and Amar are modern, happily wed and longing to have a child. But then Amar is suspended from work for being drunk. He finds a job in an ultra-orthodox Muslim community at their campsite in the mountains. When he returns home weeks later, Luna realises that Amar's attitude towards religion and their relationship has fundamentally changed. Luna tears herself apart searching if love is truly enough to keep them together...
Berlinale Golden Bear Nomination, German Peace Award.
Director present.


Pomegranates and Myrrh
by Najwa Najjar
Palestine 2009, 95 min., feature film, 35mm, colour, OV, English subtitles

Dancer Kamar’s joyous wedding to Zaid is followed almost immediately by Zaid’s imprisonment in an Israeli jail for refusing to give up his land. Free-spirited Kamar wants to support her husband and be a dutiful wife, but struggles with the idea of abandoning the ground-breaking work with her dance group and the new choreographer Kais. Both start to feel attracted towards each other...
Awarded in San Sebastian a.o..


Scheherazade – Tell Me a Story
by Yousry Nasrallah
Egypt 2009, 134 min., feature film, 35mm, colour, OV, English subtitles

Cairo: Hebba and Karim are a happily married couple. Hebba is the hostess of a succesful talk show, Karim works at a governmental newspaper. He is told that he will be appointed as chief editor if his wife avoids political topics. He persuades her to make a program about ordinary women instead. But her "non-political" approach will become even more threatening to the authorities...
Award in Venice.


The Day I Became a Woman
by Marziyeh Meshkini
Iran 2000, 78 min., feature film, 35mm, colour, OV, German subtitles

Women in Iran: Hawa savours her last minutes playing in the streets with the boys, since from her 9th birthday on this is considered a sin, as „she is now a woman“. As Ahoo participates in a bicycle race of black veiled women, her husband gallops up on horseback to divorce her. Old Houra inherits some money and decides to spend it before she dies, on the things she always wanted to have...
13 international awards.
Director present


The Kids Are All Right
by Lisa Cholodenko
USA 2010, 106 min., feature film, 35mm, colour, German version

A lesbian couple, Nic (Annette Bening) and Jules (Julianne Moore) live an utterly organised existence with their teenage children, Joni and Laser, until the two youngsters want to know their biological father – a sperm donor. They find Paul, an easy-going organic farmer, and bring him into their lives, unraveling a series of unexpected and hilarious events.
A satirical comedy with depth...
Teddy Award Berlinale
In cooperation with the


Lo spazio bianco – The White Space
by Francesca Comencini
Italy 2009, 96 min., feature film, 35mm, colour, OV, English subtitles

Maria, a fiercely independent single woman in her late 30s, discovers she is pregnant after a one night stand. When her daughter is born at only 6 months, Maria’s life is suddenly put on hold. Over the next months, she is compelled to spend every day by the incubator, waiting to see if Irene will live or die. She gradually builds a deep bond with her fragile child and summons all her strength to support her in this struggle.
Four awards in Venice.


Winter’s Bone
by Debra Granik
USA 2010, 100 min., feature film, colour, video, OV

Her father left, her mother is depressed and withdrawn, so 17 year-old Ree Dolly takes on the responsibility for keeping her family together in a dirt-poor rural area of the Ozark mountains. She's horrified to find out that her father put up their house as collateral for his bail, and unless he shows up soon, they will lose it. Ree searches for her father – and puts her own life in danger.
Awards at Berlinale and Sundance.
In cooperation with the


Yo, también – Wer will schon normal sein?
by Antonio Naharro and Álvaro Pastor
Spain 2009, 103 min., feature film, 35mm, colour, OV, German subtitles

Laura and Daniel meet at work. They have a lot in common: the same sense of humor and both are outsiders. Laura, her bottle-blond hair, her all-night parties in the discos, and her many lovers, provides plenty fodder for gossip. Daniel, the first university graduate with Down’s Syndrome in Europe, falls in love with her. A story about a bittersweet friendship.
Five awards, a.o. San Sebastian.
Leading actress Lola Dueñas present.




Afghan Girls Can Kick
by Bahareh Hosseini
UK 2008, 50 min., documentary film, video, colour, OV, English subtitles

As a child, Roya had to collect waste paper off the dusty streets of Kabul's slums in order to find fuel for her family. Now she plays centre-forward for the Afghan national football team as they prepare for their first competitive international match. An intimate portrait of the players – young women breaking the stereotypes set for them by an intensely conservative Afghan society.


Black Bus
by Anat Yuta Zuria
Israel 2009, 76 min., documentary film, video, colour, OV, English subtitles

Two young women from Israel, as smart and fashionable as any of their counterparts in Berlin or Buenos Aires. Yet Sarah, the blogger, and Shulamit, the photographer, both from ultraorthodox jewish families and communities, have paid a high price to live as modern women. Black Bus tells the story of their courageous attempt to document the society from which they have – not completely – escaped.
Award Haifa Festival


Hana, dul, sed
by Brigitte Weich
Austria 2009, 98 min., documentary film, video, colour, OV, German subtitles

For six years director Brigitte Weich documented the lives of the players of the North Korean national women’s soccer team. During this time, they were abruptly "retired" because they failed to qualify for the Olympic Games. A portrait of the women as they took on new jobs or got married and had a family. A rare view of life in Pyongyang, through the eyes of some extra-ordinary sportswomen.


Kick in Iran
by Fatima Abdollahyan
Germany/Iran 2010, 82 min., documentary film, video, colour, OV, German subtitles

Sara is the first female athlete from Iran ever to qualify for the Olympic Games – and in Taekwondo! Kick in Iran shows her arduous journey to Beijing 2008 – a constant struggle for self-determination and recognition. In a male dominated society based on rigid religious laws, professional athletes like Sara constantly stretch the limits...
Nominated at Sundance Film Festival.
Director present.


Rough Cut
by Firouzeh Khosrovani
Iran 2007, 22 min., dokumentary film, video, colour, OV, English subtitles

The shop windows in Tehran offer passersby an absurd spectacle. Grotesquely dismembered mannequins have become metaphors for Iranian women’s veiled bodies, that may no longer display any traces of femininity, according to the regime’s law. An ironic look into the preposterous outcomes of religious obsession in the Islamic Republic of Iran.


Shame – Die Schuld, eine Frau zu sein
by Mohammed Naqvi
Pakistan/USA 2006, 95 min., documentary film, video, colour, OV, German subtitles

Mukhtaran Mai, a young woman in Pakistan, is sentenced by the council of elders in her village to be gang-raped – because of something shameful her 12-year-old brother allegedly did to a woman from the village's most powerful clan! After the incident everyone wants her to keep silent, or better yet, disappear. But Mukhtaran heads to the next police station and sets off an avalanche...
Amnesty International Award.


Survival in Kabul
by Elke Jonigkeit
Germany 2010, 45 min., documentary film, video, colour, OV, German subtitles

Three women in Kabul tell about the current situation in Afghanistan through their own personal stories. Elke Jonigkeit has accompanied them with the camera for the past 25 years, from the times of Soviet occupation, through the aftermath of the Taliban regime. Now the presence of ISAF troops should offer safety for a western-style democracy. Elke asks: are the women on the winning side?
Director present.


We Are Half of Iran's Population
by Rakhshan Bani-Etemad
Iran 2009, 47 min., documentary film, video, colour, OV, English subtitles

“This is our right. We are not begging from you.“ Iran, 2009 presidential elections: the four candidates are invited to watch a documentary about the discrimination and oppression of Iranian women. Several women's organisations and activists raise their voices, full of courage and firmness. They demand a better life for women. Three of the candidates are willing to answer. But where is Ahmadinedschad?



Focus Africa

The “Focus on Africa“ is supported by the Initiative “Aktion Afrika“ of the German Federal Foreign Office, due to a decision of the German Parliament “Bundestag”.


AIDS: The Woman’s Story
by Walther Grotenhuis
Netherlands 2004, 60 min., documentary film, video, colour, OV, English subtitles

Four HIV-positive women from three continents didn’t let themselves be forced into the edges of society; they became active. They published magazines, founded support-groups, formed sewing cooperatives, and they’ve survived for decades. They live normal lives with their children, have partners and live their sexuality. Apparently their actions even lead to more political empowerment of women in their societies.


Fighting the Silence
by Ilse and Femke van Velzen
Netherlands/Congo 2007, 53 min., documentary film, video, colour, OV, English subtitles

The war in the Democratic Republic of Congo lasted seven years – the deadliest war ever recorded in Africa and more than 80.000 women and girls were raped. Only now that the country is formally at peace, do the consequences of the brutality become truly visible. But rape is also increasing in everyday life. Courageous people try to break the taboo and fight against this sexualized violence...
Al Jazeera Award.


L’excision. Un thème pour tout le monde.– Mädchenbeschneidung. Eine burkinische Sichtweise.
by Johanna Richter
Burkina Faso/Germany 2008, 52 min., documentary film, video, colour, OV, German subtitles

Half-truths, prejudices, myths – tradition and personal experience in conflict. Women and men in Africa, circumcisors and victims of FGM reflect upon Female Genital Mutilation. These „Cine Débats“, conversations with the public after filmscreenings of Johanna Richter’s documentary in the most remote areas of Burkina Faso, help to change this cruel tradition.
Director present.


Rough Aunties
by Kim Longinotto
UK 2008, 103 min., documentary film, video, colour, OV, English subtitles

Durban, South Africa: fearless and resolute, the „Rough Aunties“ are a remarkable group of women unwavering in their stand to protect and care for the abused, neglected and forgotten children. They all work for the „Operation Bobbi Bear“. A stirring portrait of five powerful characters, full of grace, wisdom, friendship and a deep conviction.
Award at Sundance.
Bobbi Bear founder Jackie Branfield present.


Taking Root: The Vision of Wangari Maathai
by Alan Dater and Lisa Merton
USA 2008, 81 min., documentary film, video, colour, OV, English subtitles

Desertification is destroying Kenya. With the ,,Green Belt Movement“ Wangari Maathai starts to organize women to reforest their country, and to fight for democracy against a corrupt and totalitarian regime. The only one to raise her voice against the dictatorship, she sets a political landslide into motion that will tumble the dictatorship and earn her the Nobel Peace Prize...
Amnesty International Award.


Zanzibar Soccer Queens
by Florence Ayisi
Zanzibar/UK 2007, 52 min., documentary film, DigiBeta, colour, OV, English subtitles

“I set time for religion. And I set time for soccer.“ ZANZIBAR SOCCER QUEENS presents personal stories of aspirations, shattered dreams, self-determination, friendship and confidence gained from playing football. Their stories present unique insights into the lives and experiences of women in modern Africa.
Zanzibar Filmfestival Award.